About Us

In July of 2010, Daniel Flores, owner of KOLMAR Manufacturing, LLC, designed and created the KOLMAR Kutter out of shear frustration of having to cut manufactured stone and brick using electric saws and diamond blades. For 32 years, Mr. Flores has been a Licensed New Mexico Tile and Stone Contractor and realized that there must be an easier and more cost effective way of cutting manufactured stone and brick. For that reason, Mr. Flores came up with this unique tool to take care of those cutting of stone needs. No more having to purchase so many diamond blades or having to replace worn out saws and brushes on the saws because of the extensive use of them. No more having to deal with noise and dust from using conventional saws to cut the manufactured stone. The KOLMAR Kutter eliminates a great majority of cuts using wet saws, chop saws, biters and side grinding saws.

Because of the uniqueness and simplicity of this tool and how its never been offered to the public before, Mr. Flores was able to apply for a patent on his new invention and has received a patent pending for this tool. Based on the exceptional positive response Mr. Flores has received when showing this new tool to other contractors and 'do it yourself' people, he decided to go ahead and put it into the market by starting up a manufacturing plant and began to manufacture the KOLMAR Kutter here in the United States.

KOLMAR Manufacturing, LLC is located in the beautiful city of Las Cruces, New Mexico. As a company, we decided to purchase all materials locally or in the United States to help build the economy in our own special way in manufacturing this tool. All employees working for KOLMAR Manufacturing, LLC are dedicated local residents of Las Cruces New Mexico and we look forward to having more become employed with us as the business grows.