Q: Will the Kolmar Kutter be the only stone cutter I need?
A: There is that possibility, however as in most disciplines, you will find that it makes more sense to have a variety of tools in your arsenal in order to be sufficiently prepared for unforeseen challenges.

Q: How long will the blades last?
A: We have reports of over 3,500 cuts with no replacement or re-surfacing of the blades.

Q: Are replacement blades available, or will the existing blade need sharpening?
A: The bottom blade is replaceable, and yes you can re-surface the blades with an angle grinder. Contact us for more information about replacements.

Q: Can I cut ceramic tile with the Kolmar Kutter?
A: No. The tool is not designed to be a ceramic tile cutter. There are other tools on the market just for tile.

Q: Will the Kolmar Kutter save me time?
A: Yes. Kolmar Kutters make beautiful natural looking cuts in a matter of seconds.

Q: Will the Kolmar Kutter save me money?
A: If it saves you time, it saves you money. There is also less waste especially if you are using a hammer and chisel or biters to cut the stone.

Q: What is the maximum thickness and width I can cut?
A: You are only limited by the size of masonry that will fit within the cutting area. See model specifications for cutting area sizes.

Q: Is there a warranty or money back guarantee?
A: All Kolmar Kutters are covered by a one year limited warranty.

Q: Do I need different models of Kolmar Kutters for brick and manufactured stone, or can one Kolmar Kutter do both?
A: The larger cutters will also cut the smaller stone, however the smaller cutters will not cut the larger stone. This will also be determined by your area of specialization. If you do a lot of one type stone, you should buy the tool that is most specialized for that product. If you do a little bit of everything than you should choose a cutter that will do the most variety of stone.

Q: There is an extended bottom plate on the KOLMAR BP+ that prevents the tool from tipping over during use. Why does the KOLMAR MS or the KOLMAR TB not have an extended plate as well?
A: The plate is not extended on the KOLMAR MS or the KOLMAR TB as a "fail safe" feature. If the MS or the TB tips, the user is exerting too much pressure for the tool. Tipping is a sign of improper use.

Q: Will the Kolmar Kutter cut natural stone?
A: Our cutters were designed to cut manufactured and or engineered stone and brick. However, there are some natural stones on the market that our tool will be able to cut. Because of the many different types of natural stone and sizes, we ask that you call us and we can determine if our tool will cut a particular stone that you are interested in cutting.

Q: What if I have an unusual type of stone and size? Does Kolmar Manufacturing, LLC make custom made manufactured stone and brick cutters?
A: Yes. Call for more information and details.